Selfridges Unveil New Accessory Hall


Continuously setting trends for other stores to follow, Selfridges have opened the first stage of its new

Trafford Centre accessory hall, proving once again  that it willalways remain at the forefront of the shopping experience.



The transformation forms part of Selfridges’ Trafford Masterplan, which last year saw the reveal of its new beauty department. Once finished, the size of

the accessory hall is set to increase by 30% to host an exciting mix of luxury goods, and exclusive collections from some of the worlds leading fashion houses.

The launch of phase one has already revealed the opening of new Prada and Gucci boutiques, both of which  have been designed to mirror the brands

aesthetic while keeping in tune with the overall feel of the accessory hall.



Due for completion at the end of September, the unveil of the halls new contemporary design is an exciting taste of things to come. Its new identity is

defined bya series of coloured cabinets and a selection of our fashion fixtures, with an emphasis on metal risers and acrylic blocks. The subtle bursts of colour

punctuate the halls minimalistic quality, while the metal accents interrupt the consistency by bringing in contrast. United by polished marble walls

and cream terrazzo counter tops, the revamped space still upholds the grandeur and glamour of its luxury image.



A range of new services will also be revealed in the third and final phase of the opening of the new accessories department. To accompany the grand

reveal, Selfridges have promised an events programme, aiming to give customers a more unique and personalised shopping experience.



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