TJDC launches timeless to cater to booming pre-owned watch market


Responding to demand from retailers for solutions that elevate pre-owned watch offers, we have created a dedicated collection

called Timeless. The name of the fully modular collection is a reference to the enduring value of classic watches on the resale market.




Timeless includes cabinets, stock trays and display stands, with print services available so stores can create complementary point-of-sale

material.  Colour options within the collection include plush navy, shimmering khaki and copper, with gold- and silver-tone metal accents.  


Cabinets within the Timeless collection are sleek, table-top style display units with sleek wooden bases and glass tops. When unlocked, the base of the

cabinets can slide out to allow for easy access to products. The modular Timeless watch displays have been created with the dimensions of these

cabinets  in mind, allowing stores to build customisable displays that are a perfect fit every time.    



The Timeless collection is fully compatible with other off-the-shelve stock solutions. As such, retailers can bring interest

and branding elements to displays by adding pops of colour through switching in alternative watch pillows, for example.



TJDC founder Jacob Nightburg said: “With the pre-owned watch market proving to be such an important and growing element of our

business, retailers need a premium display solution that will allow these timepieces to stand out next to the slick, branded displays created by

major brands for new launches. With Timeless, we have created all the tools that retailers need to beautifully display pre-owned watches in

a coherent and attractive way that will allow them to best capitalise on this booming product category.”


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