Navy blue is a stylish and timeless shade. It has the ability to offset other colours brilliantly and can adapt to a multitude of moods: classic or contemporary, bold or calming, luxurious or laid back. It's undeniably versatile! Explore our round-up of display schemes for ideas to bring this noble colour into your retail space.


Navy & Orange : A Dynamic Duo

Navy and orange may seem like an unexpected combination but the two colours are complimentary, making this pair especially pleasing to the eye. Combine navy with vibrant orange and crisp white leatherette, the colours play up each others intensity to create the perfect chromatic harmony. A scheme as daring as it is luxurious.

Exquisitely Luxurious 

This power palette of brushed gold, travertine and navy suede promises to deliver opulence and luxury. The neutral undertone of travertine perfectly punctuates the rich quality of navy, whilst accents of brushed gold further enhance the lux element.