The formula to rejuvenate a tired display is simple.


A pop of colour can transform an otherwise bland display to make it feel renewed and refreshed. The concept is simple but at its core brilliant. Here are our tips on how to use this design technique to great success in your retail space.


Start with a neutral base

Pops of colour have the greatest impact when set against a neutral backdrop. Fashion fixtures in pure white, or display pieces in a muted tone like grey suede, will allow accents of colour to shine. The benefit of a neutral foundation is that it offers so much versatility. It means you can play around with colour to adapt to trends and seasons.


Now build your colour!

There are 3 simple ways of bringing accents of colour into your store. These elements can be utilized to add just the right amount of colour to your display. At TJDC we like to call them the 3 pops. 


1. Display

Substituting a single display item for a more vibrant option is a tried-and-tested way to highlight a product. Go for a colour that's completely unexpected, it's guaranteed to draw attention. For larger doses of colour, choose two hues that are opposites on the colour wheel and use them sparingly throughout your display. The effect will be bright and bold. 


2. Vibrant visuals

Artwork lets you inject vibrant color to create a characterful and cohesive scheme. Choose imagery that marries up with your display pieces to ensure it's complemented rather than overshadowed. It's all about finding artwork that resonates with your brand whilst still bringing in an unexpected punch of colour. With our range of metal frames you can drop striking visual imagery into any display layout. 



A pop of colour can be a single note in a neutral display, like a vibrant orange handbag, or you can use products in multiple colours to create a symphony of pops. This is where a neutral foundation layer is key, a minimal backdrop pushes the product forward as the star.